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Interesting Books
The History and Geography of Human Genes
by Luigi Lucca Cavalli-Sforza

The Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey
(Hard Cover) by Spencer Wells

Trace Your Roots with DNA : Using Genetic Tests to Explore Your Family Tree
by Megan Smolenyak, Ann Turner



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Family Tree DNA

If you haven't heard of Family Tree DNA you should check out this website. Many of us Spicers have already joined and have had DNA submitted for testing. It's been very interesting. Many of us are unclear on how the process really works so we are dependent on links in the website for answers. There are some forums, FAQs and other people to write if you get really confused.

This aside, the purpose of the Spicer group DNA project is to pinpoint where in history we shared a common ancestry. This is referred to as MRCA or the Most Recent Common Ancestor shared between to individuals. mtDNA is also a very valuable test. This is genetic material found in mitochondria. It is passed down from females to both sons and daughters however, sons can not pass down their mother's mtDNA to their children.

So, you can see we have several alternatives to testing one's DNA. This can be as private as you wish. Many of us are beyond privacy and are willing to share our paper trails to help pinpoint the DNA data. If you'd like to share, test or get involved, please do contact us. There is some funding available towards test.
Family Tree DNA website
All SPICER Projects
Our Member's Project

Ask Us:

The Spicer's Connect Website: http://www.spicersconnect.com

Our goal in building the site was and is to connect other surname projects of Spicer, Spiker, and like spellings. We know now that the surname has migrated to different spellings in different lands. More interesting is the fact that the DNA can prove this.

We have many areas of the website for our use. Our Forum is a great place to leave a new topic, address an existing topic or just read what others have left. Please, if you see unsightly remarks, please do let us know - these things have a way of creeping in. We'll remove them as we catch them. If you are looking for a particular line in your surname, leave us a note, you never know what we'll come across while searching for our own.

We have a current announcement:
If you or anyone you know is related to a Walter Spicer who went to school in Illinois in 1905, please let us know. We have been donated his school journal of studies. We've been reading it and it's quite interesting to know the "real" school facts from that era as recited to him. You can view the journal online at Collected Documents..


Book Look Up:
We have several books available that are out of print, you may find them online, and you may not. These books contain information on Culpeper Virginia, Spicers, and Surname Spicer for other areas. There is a form on the website you can fill in if you want our member to look up your Spicer. Please include all names when submitting your request.
More will be added as more come forward with other books they might have in their closets.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to send a brief newsletter to your email boxes. We won't send many, but those we send will hopefully contain items of interest to you and your family.

We'd like to stress the importance of DNA testing. Please call or write with any questions you might have. We need male Spicers to submit DNA for testing. We'd like female Spicers to participate as well. These will be a different group but we can cross reference.  Wouldn't you like to know where it all began? Being related doesn't mean we have to live together, it's just another commonality in a huge world we share.


Francis Bacon: Important families are like potatoes. The best parts are underground.

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